2020 Purchasing Guide

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have changed our lot to ensure the safety of our workers and to make sure you have the safest and best buying experience possible. That being said, there are a lot of changes made this year. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate this crazy year. 

We have opted to try a drive-thru tree service, so you can pick your tree from the comfort and safety of your car. We highly encourage you to call the lot to make an appointment to come down to pick your tree. Because of social distancing measures, customers will not be able to enter the tent, so walk-ins will be turned away.  Drive-ups without appointments are possible, but since priority must go to folks with appointments, you could be waiting for a long time. **If you don't have a car, PLEASE call us to make an appointment, and we will help accommodate you. We know that the phones have been crazy busy and we apologize profusely for the frustration and inconvenience -- Please know we are doing our very best to get back to every one of you!!


We will be able to book you up to three days in advance (we are unable to schedule any more in advance due to inventory concerns) Please check the availability of trees on our website (Current Tree Inventory tab) -- We will do our best to keep it as updated as possible. Please note that trees are first come first served, and what is on our website may not reflect what is available on the floor at the time of your visit

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our crew who will provide you with an order sheet where you can mark the height/type of tree you'd like as well as any extras. When it is your turn, our crew will be able to show you a maximum of 5 trees for you to pick from. Once selected and paid for, we can assist with loading your tree on your vehicle.

Quick Guide & Tips


Check our website to see tree availability and call us to make an appointment!


Please make sure to wear a mask and bring a pen (for the order sheet), as well as your own string if planning to tie your tree on top of your vehicle.


Pay for your tree and take her home, or leave her with us to get flocked*/colored

*Custom flock only available for trees 8' and taller


Drive-thru service - please stay in your car at all times except when loading your tree onto your car. 


Let us know what type/size tree you want -  We'll show you a selection to look at from your car!


Enjoy your fresh tree, and have the merriest, safest Christmas from our family to yours!!