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  • How do I care for my tree?
    The main way to ensure your tree's long life is to get it into water ASAP. When you buy your tree, we give it a fresh cut on the trunk, and ideally you are able to get it into your home We recommend that you use either our Tree Vita preservative or OFL gel when watering your tree, but even without these preservatives, as long as you check your tree's water level daily, your tree should have a long and happy life!
  • Do I have to use tree preservatives on my tree?
    Of course not! We do our best to harvest at the very last minute and load them into the refrigerated containers as soon as possible to maintain their freshness, so they should last until Christmas. That being said, we do recommend the use of products like Vita and the OFL tree gel because they do add vitamins and also help maintain moisture for your tree.
  • Are your preservatives child and pet friendly?
    Yes! Both our Vita and our OFL gel preservatives are child and pet safe!
  • How do I buy a big tree?
    A big tree is anything 9' and above. We generally ask customers to email us to in late August - Mid September beforehand to place their order, and confirm their spot on the Big Tree List by 20th of September. For the 2021 season, we are all sold out for these sizes. However, if you want to put your name on our waiting list please email us since from time to time we have extra trees even though it seems like it's all sold out on the papers.
  • Why you don’t custom flock any longer?
    By making pre-flocked trees customers have more choices of the trees and take their trees home on the same day you pick.
  • I want a flocked tree, but I didn't see a pre-flocked one I liked. How do I get a custom one?"
    We encourage people to come as early as they can in the day to see the biggest selection. We know this isn't possible sometimes for people who work, so we do have our flockers churning out flocked trees for the floor during the day as well. If you are buying an 8' tree or larger, we can also do custom flock on your tree.
  • How do I get a colored tree?
    We love to make your flocked trees colorful and bright! All you have to do is come down and pick out your pre-flocked tree! Unfortunately for this season, we are only able to do custom flocking for trees 8' and larger, but no worries, we will have plenty of pre-flocked trees available on the floor to choose from. Once you've selected your tree, let us know the color(s) you'd like, and we'll give you a call once it's done for pickup!
  • Do you deliver?
    We sure do! Our delivery guys can go all over the island -- you just let us know when and where! When you purchase your tree at the lot, let one of our cashiers know that you'd like delivery. They will work with you to find a date and time that works for you! Delivery charges are based on distance - The island is divided into 'Zones' and will be priced accordingly. Please note that our time windows are not final/guaranteed, but we do our very best to make it as close as possible!
  • Do you do inter-island shipping?
    Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to ship to other islands outside Oahu -- we're so sorry!
  • I bought my tree, but I cannot pick it up 'til later --- Will you hold it for me?"
    Yes, we will however, the maximum we will be able to hold your tree after the full payment is 3 hours within the same day. We can’t hold a tree over night.
  • Oh no! I didn't get my Postcard! How do I get my discount?
    If you didn't get our postcard, no worries! We will look you up in our system when you come to the lot to buy your tree. We are always happy to help our customers get deals! Please note: We use mailing service and some of the address is rejected even though the address is correct.
  • What form of payment do you take?
    We will accept Cash, Credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) and Apple pay.
  • Will you hold my tree while I’m shopping at Ala Moana?
    Yes we can. We will hold your tree up to three hours during the same day. No over night holding.
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  • Do you guys have merch?
    Heck yeah we do! We've had t-shirts and hats for a long time, and last year we added some tin camping cups, buttons, and enamel pins so you can rep Christmas Hawaii pride!
  • Why can’t I have the Phone number of the lot
    Our workers are seasonal workers and most of the time they are not capable of solving the problems by themselves. Also, the person in charge is already doing triple job and by answering the phone will disrupt the customer waiting in front of them. So, it’s easier to receive emails.
  • Why nobody answers to my email right away
    We usually receive over 100 emails per day during the season. Most of the answers need to check with other people and/or checking inventories. So we appreciate your patience.
  • Can we come to your lot just to look at your trees?
    Our tree lot is gated and only customers with tickets are allowed to come in. Please observe our tree lot from the outside of the wired fences.
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