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Our Trees

Noble Firs

One of the stronger trees, with minimal needle droppage. Nobles are great for folks with lots of ornaments, or heavy ornaments because of their strong branches. They have some pine smell, but not the strongest. 

Douglas Firs

Douglas firs are the best smelling, but also the most fragile. Their soft needles spread wide and flat, and are dark green/blue. We do not recommend getting flock with this tree, as the material adds weight to the already delicate needles.  

Nordman Firs

Nordmanns another strong tree; as strong as a Noble- some say even stronger. Their branches are thick and bushy, with glossy, bright green needles. They do not give off the beloved Christmas Tree pine scent.

Grand Firs

Grands are another lightweight tree, with moderate strength and is known for its strong fragrance. They grow thick foliage with long, glossy green needles with two white lines on their underside. 

Fraser Firs 

Frasers are yet another strong tree, with good form and needle retention. Their branches turn slightly upward, and they are a dark blue-green in color. Frasers also have a pleasant scent.

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